Friday, July 2, 2010

Hollywood Stars and Fashion Icons on Bicycles

For fun here are some Hollywood Stars from the early days enjoying their rides. Pretty girls on bikes (i.e.the bicycle girl) have been style icons since the beginning of cycling and helped to sell cycling to the female population as well as the men and Hollywood stars eagerly continued that tradition.
Here are some photos I was able to find online. By the way a great time to see the Hollywood Walk of Fame is to take a ride down Hollywood Blvd. early Sunday morning. The smooth concrete used for the sidewalks makes for good riding.


Marilyn brings her bike to a slow stop before the sidewalk curb. She sighs softly then shakes her wavy golden hair from side to side while casually surveying the scene before her; light Sunday traffic, mostly church goers and families out driving at a slow leisurely speed. Waiting patiently for the light to change she tugs at the hemline of her very, very short pleated skirt.... somewhat satisfied with the result she bends over and reaches down to
adjust her fallen Bobbi socks. Screech of tires!... slam!...Screech! ... slam!.... wham! after car piles up in the intersection.

(Surprised,her mouth forming a perfect circle)

Rita Hayworth
Bombshell on a bomber bike!

Audrey Hepburn - pure cycle chic

Ava Gardner - so beautiful in person she stunned men

Rita Hayworth and friends off to a ten mile bike ride and picnic - simple pleasures work for celebrities too.


  1. BikeGirl is glad another bike blogger is picking up blogging in her former neighborhood. Unfortunately, bicycling on the sidewalk along the walk of fame is illegal. While through most of L.A., biking on the sidewalk is a-ok, this is one area in which one can get ticketed. Keep riding and keep blogging!

  2. I love your blog!!! Thank you for the lovely comments you left on mine--you're so nice! ;) I actually have a bicycle painting planned out--I'll have to let you know when I paint it!

  3. Bike Girl,
    Thanks for the visit and advice. I will check that out next time with da Kops. I can't imagine riding down Hollywood Blvd in the street - to dangerous.

    Your welcome and thanks for the validation!
    I appreciate that you are bringing aesthetics online and love looking at the beautiful art and have subscribed to another art blog you are following as well.
    Would love to see a bike painting soon and can forward to other bicycle bloggers.
    I recommend you check out the famouc Cycle Chic
    Camera is not working so next blog may be delayed

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