Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Dutch bike comes to Hollywood and European bicycling films from the 30's and 50's to the present day

I have Dutch Bikes on my mind today with posting these films this morning, talking with My Dutch Bike up in San Francisco this afternoon and then while out running an errand on my Globe Carmel and in of all places Fountain and Normandie Avenues I spotted this beautiful 2010 Batavus Old Dutch bicycle being elegantly ridden by this young lady. I was really surprised to see this and took chase. She was on the street and I was on the sidewalk and I had a hard time catching up to her but I was finally able to get her attention. Her name is Zoey and she just got her bike from Flying Pigeon in LA.:
Up close these bikes are awesome and ooze high quality workmanship!
Designed to be ridden when you're wearing regular work or party clothes like suits with dress pants and flowing skirts so they have a chain guard and skirt guard and also come with fenders for rain and mud protection.
Ladies take note you won't usually find skirt guards on American bikes.

Check out the films below and see Dutch bikes in action over the years:

These films are inspiring as you can see how the bicycle culture in European cities has persisted despite the automobile and how the future can be here in the US.

Netherlands present day

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