Friday, July 2, 2010

Bikes parked around on Vermont and Hillhurst with some interesting racks thrown in

Saw lots of bikes parked around Vermont and Hillhurst on a ride to the market. Left some notes on the bikes about the blog so I hope some of these bike owners check my blog out.

This rack is located outside a Thai Restaurant on Vermont. Looks cool but not very practical I think.

I always thought this was just an ugly sculpture now I realize that it is a distorted bicycle chain and a bike rack located on Vermont Ave. near the Chase bank. I can't recall if I have ever seen a bike locked to it most probably because there are no shops nearby and it looks like an ugly sculpture.

Tree Bike Rack
The tree at Nature Mart on Hillhurst sometimes used as a bike rack.
Try this artist trick squint your eyes and look at it- takes away the details and it looks like the tree is riding a bike - very cool I think!
U- racks for lack of a better name - is there one?

No parking sign used as a rack - love it!
Nice looking bikes too.

Parking meter bike rack: Cars pay and bikes are free

Stylish looking bicyclist on Sunset Blvd parking his bike.

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  1. Hi Bicycle Pilot, I'm an artist who likes to paint pictures of bikes. I would love to paint the turquoise blue one on your blog. Would you be willing to send me the photo or can I have your permission to use the one on your blog? Thanks!